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We All Have a Role to Play - Episode 68

Reviewing 24: We All Have a Roll to Play – Episode 68

Robert will continue to look at the TV series 24 for its unique elements which highlight the struggle between being loyal to family and loyal and dedicated to supporting the world. In addition to that struggle, the show exemplifies the heroism of being a humanitarian and having your heart open to what is best for humanity. Beyond the glitz and the excitement of 24, we are looking to see what the deeper meanings are through the lens of psycho-politics, the 3 principles of which will be covered in the podcast.

Reviewing 24 & Its Potential Implications for the World - Episode 67

Reviewing 24 & Its Potential Implications for the World – Episode 67

Today’s show has a very unique focus on the TV program 24. Robert points out from the start that it is a potential danger for the public to idealize Jack Bauer and 24 for torturing terrorists. In contrast to this insight, Robert emphasizes there is a movie called The Report, which is a true story where America acknowledges that America tortured prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and that America gained zero benefits from using torture as a strategy.

The Myth of Freedom Without Balance - GBF Blog

The Myth of Freedom Without Balance

In our democratic world, there is an idealization of the benefits of freedom without any guidance or discrimination as to how we use guide ourselves. However, it permits destructive attitudes or behaviors when this freedom is not connected to being wholesome and allows for significant harm and suffering to others. 

Erin Beasley: Ecosystem Restoration Camps - Episode 66

Erin Beasley: Ecosystem Restoration for A Healthy Planet- Episode 66

Join Robert and his special guest Erin Beasley. It is worth stretching our brains and hearts to comprehend her message and its potential positive implications. Erin is the Executive Director of the non-profit Ecosystem Restoration Camps in the USA. It is under the umbrella of psycho-politics that Robert welcomes Erin to the show because she represents it so well. Ecosystem restoration and better land management practices are one of the top tools that we have in our tool belt.

Susan Hough: Living Your Gifts - Episode 65

Susan Hough: Living Your Gifts – Episode 65

Meet Susan Hough the woman and her work. Susan leads by example through vulnerable and courageous transparency by modeling the importance of honest communication, and awareness of self and others. You will see that she has an infectious generosity of spirit and is a very hard person not to like. She is the Executive Director of the nonprofit Wisdom Spring, a teen leadership humanitarian development program currently serving 7 high schools. Their fundraising efforts have thus far resulted in the construction of 45 water wells in Africa and India to serve marginalized communities.

Daniel-Matalon_The-World-Game - Episode 64

Daniel Matalon: The World Game & The Part We Play – Episode 64

Look forward to an inspirational conversation with the spirit of Buckminster Fuller and the practical programs and ideas of Robert and his guest Daniel Matalon. Daniel is the founder of Is There Enough, a provocative new conversation about the intersection of survival economics and social justice. Psycho-Politics, and what Buckminster Fuller called the world game, relate to very complex existential issues that Robert and Daniel make accessible.

Finding the Balance Between Individual Freedom & Collective Responsibility - Episode 63

Finding the Balance Between Individual Freedom & Collective Responsibility – Episode 63

Robert and Dave continue their spirited conversation in the final installment on gun safety. The attempt is to look at the most sincere elements of each political party. As they examine the details of what could inspire the country to unite the fringe extremes are excluded. Trump and his key supporters who are committed to the big lie, insurrection, and many illegal activities are not considered part of the solution. A vote for Trump is a vote that threatens gun ownership.

Gun Safety: Creating More Peace & More Conversations - Episode 62

Gun Safety: Creating More Peace & More Conversations – Episode 62

Welcome to part 5 of a 6 part series on the very important topic of gun safety. As one of the most pressing issues The United States is facing today, Robert suggests that a solid starting point comes from taking a close look and realizing that a very large percentage of gun owners purchase them to protect their families. When we can begin to see the protective nature l we can find a way to create more peace and meaningful conversations.

Bringing Heart and Wisdom To Our Country's Division - GBF Blog

Bringing Heart and Wisdom To Our Country’s Division

No matter where we stand in our country’s political and civil alienation and split, we are all challenged together, and it is critical to recognize that we all have work to do to mend this. We can’t afford to withdraw, even though it is likely to be overwhelming for many of us. What if you’re clearly on the side of science, equal voting rights for all people, immigration reform, and opposing views on how to run defense, global safety, and different ideas of how to take care of everyone through economic strategy? 

Making Gun Safety Viable in America – Episode 61

Robert and Dave continue to wrestle with the divisive issue of gun safety. This episode is part 4 of the series in search of the middle ground to make gun safety a viable possibility in our country. How can we avoid stereotypes to reduce the heat and the hate? As Robert focuses on creating a greater chance for peace, the extremes of both parties must be excluded. The fringe ends generally create more conflict than resolution.

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