Blanche Hunsaker Scholarship

Susan Blanchce HunsakerSince 1999, Global Bridge Foundation has sponsored scholarships inspired by Blanche Hunsaker, the mother of Global Bridge founding board member Susan Knapp.

Blanche Hunsaker was an accomplished artist in many media.  She died at the age of 34 but left a treasured legacy in the arts.  The purpose of this scholarship is to honor her creative spirit.

This scholarship is awarded to one or more high school students at El Segundo High School in El Segundo, CA, who are focused on a career in the creative arts.  After reviewing the portfolios of all applicants each year, Global Bridge Foundation provides to the winning applicant(s) grants to be used for their college education in this field.

Past recipients have been involved in music therapy, photography, forensic arts, graphic arts, fashion and videography.

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