A bold new initiative to empower homeless individuals and those in poverty by providing
affordable housing, clean water, and training in regenerative agriculture.
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How we can best protect the world against acts of genocide

Watch Robert Strock's video address in which he delves into a possible solution for what is happening in Ukraine today, and perhaps even more likely what can be done to unite the free world to prevent a genocidal invasion of any country in the future. As you watch let yourself imagine the United States, NATO and the free world uniting in a way that it never has to isolate any country severely in a way that is crippling to dissuade any country from taking this risk to be permanently isolated. Putin’s heinous attack on Ukraine highlights the dangers we are in in the 21st century of the nuclear age. However, it also highlights the unity that has been created and it is time to capitalize on a cohesive response. It is vital that you see this centrally as a prevention for the future and a small likelihood that it has a small chance of saving hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian lives if Putin sees the wisdom of not being as isolated and humiliated by continuing as he has.


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The Global Bridge Foundation is dedicated to bridging innovative individuals, organizations and countries by supporting the equalization of economic and social opportunity, peace and survival of our world. This includes supporting self-sufficiency for the poorest populations and global warming.

All of our work together will be multiplied exponentially by working more closely with each other especially when it comes to global issues, because none of us can make a major difference on our own. 

The Palmdale Initiative

The Palmdale Initiative is a collaborative effort between some of the leading homeless advocates in Los Angeles County. It's an ambitious goal that looks to create a model community where homeless people can become residents. Skills, such as regenerative agriculture techniques, will be taught to allow them to live self-sufficiently in a community that provides a safe and supportive environment.

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The Global Bridge Foundation produces two different weekly podcasts that address some of the most challenging issues of our time—challenges that exist both within and without of ourselves.

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Awareness That Heals Podcast
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Receive the latest news from The Missing Conversation Podcast that highlights leaders in the fields of Psycho-Politics, Agricultural Restoration, and Alternative Housing for the homeless.

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