A bold new initiative to empower homeless individuals and those in poverty by providing affordable housing,
clean water, and training in regenerative agriculture.

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RA Communities Initiative

Collaboration Is Key

All of our work will be multiplied exponentially by working more closely with each other—especially when it comes to global issues—because none of us can make a major difference on our own. 


The Global Bridge Foundation produces two different weekly podcasts that address some of the most
challenging issues of our time—challenges that exist both within and without of ourselves.

The Missing Conversation

We explore innovative strategies that tackle global challenges, such as homelessness, immigration, and climate change. We also explore the link between these issues and the role of individual psychology in addressing and mitigating these pressing concerns.

Provocative and Essential

Robert Strock has the extraordinary ability to make you think about things in a completely new way. He is a humanist in the most profound sense of the word. His way of articulating and exploring the issues we face today is deeply moving.
—Ken Olin

Awareness That Heals

Awareness That Heals Podcast - Cover ArtThese insightful conversations offer guidance and insights on self-care during life's emotional and situational challenges. These can be confronted and embraced with the practical tools featured in the Awareness That Heals book and podcast.

A Rare View

These podcasts are a lifeline to us who are on a healing path and need some common sense in navigating our way. The exercises and practices are designed for simple use and are extremely helpful (especially during COVID). Strongly encourage all to listen and feel the possibilities for relief and healing.
Cathy Ravenborg

 Be Part Of The Solution

Receive the latest news from The Missing Conversation Podcast that highlights leaders in the fields of Psycho-Politics, Agricultural Restoration, and Alternative Housing for the homeless.

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