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International Agreements for World Survival

I say with great sorrow that I believe it is likely, that it might take a cataclysmic event that kills hundreds of millions of people before the world will feel threatened enough to realize that a fundamental change is needed in the way humanity is allowing weaponry, global warming, and poverty to be dealt with. A real difference that creates international rules and agreements for the world to have the best chance to not only survive but also thrive.

Our Planet in Distress, a Call to Action

Do you ever feel an intense urge, like a stirring volcano waiting to erupt, compelling you to connect with something greater than yourself? It’s a longing, an inspiration, a yearning to merge meaningfully that can transform feelings of emptiness and individual separation. We can experience this longing when we see and identify with our most meaningful characters and heroes on TV shows and movies.

Are False Parallel Narratives Responsible For Our Political Perils?

Almost all of us unwittingly hear something different from the reality of what is meant. Sometimes this is because we are confusing the other person’s statements or ideology with ideas and feelings of our own. But unfortunately, both are often dominated by massive distortions of the facts or the truth due to our desires, ego defenses, fear, anger, or distrust. The impact our upbringing informs our narratives and perspectives.

Individual Focus on Global Survival

The quality of sensitivity has had multiple meanings through the years. In psychology (where sensitivity is perhaps most frequently focused on), it has generally meant that a sensitive person is capable of empathetically feeling both their pain and another’s in a way that shows caring and understanding. This first level of empathy is clearly a capacity that is a part of development that the world of psychology has highlighted as a feature.

How Can We Use Our Freedom to Better Our Lives and Others’?

In the United States and various other democracies, the word “freedom” has been so idealized that it gives no direction to what we need to do with said freedom. This is like telling a child to be free and not monitoring their behavior to see if they become excessively self-centered, destructive, addictive, etc. Freedom without balance has been one of the critical danger points missed and abused throughout history.

The Global Bridge Foundation’s Initiatives: Homelessness, Regenerative Agriculture, and More

Giving money to the poor has always been seen as futile — a good percentage of us think the poor or the homeless don’t actually want to work. However, that’s not really true. When offered the opportunity, they can be the most motivated — especially when the work provided is a way to contribute to the world while allowing them to earn money and protect their families.

Developing Empathy and a Greater Capacity to Love and Be Loved

How often do you temporarily let go of your own needs and see the world through the eyes and heart of being a citizen of the world? This would mean taking a vacation from yourself and realizing the benefits of being more inclusive of ‘the other’ and wanting to feel, need, and think more about how they are. This gives you the best chance to care for them. It also sets up optimal conditions for them to want to do the same for you.

The Global Bridge Foundation’s Impact on Poverty Reduction, Work Opportunities, and Affordable Housing

We live in a time where there is no history to guide us through giving ourselves the best chance to be fulfilled individually, as a family, country, and world. Instead, it requires us to contemplate, inquire, communicate, and brainstorm both inside ourselves and with those close to us to support ourselves. Past generations in the Western world have generally been focused on themselves, their family, and their country.

Using Wealth Wisely Is the Shortest Path to Ensure World Peace and Survival

Throughout history, humankind has had a socially accepted blind spot that has fostered war, poverty, class division, and psychological imbalance. No matter the time period, the wealthy class of every powerful nation (that I have ever read about or seen), has aspired to increase its own wealth dominantly rather than give work opportunities to those most in need. In addition, very little of this wealth has been used to provide for the planet we live on by protecting natural resources and balance in nature.

Essential Questions to Support World Survival

All of us have been exposed to ideals or values that represent our best sides, whether through the most incredible wisdom of our country, religions, teachers, or traditional or indigenous culture. Most of us have been taught to regard each other as equals, and we honor the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We consider injustice anywhere as a threat to justice everywhere, and we hear the adages “Ask not what your country can do, ask what you can do for your country” and “Things which do not grow and change are dead.”

Practical Guidance for Using Medications for Sleep and Pain

Until I was fifty, I never used prescription medication. I was proud that I was being “natural” in the way that I had cared for myself. It seemed stronger, independent, and organic to be able to let my body take care of itself. In my 20s, it felt like ingesting prescribed medication was only for serious medical or psychological issues. It almost seemed like I didn’t have any issues with using medication when I thought it was necessary.

Core Issues Tearing America Apart Right Now

Right now, in the United States of America, there are several issues that demand our attention as a nation. However, there are a few core issues that I believe must be explored in greater detail. This is because the debate these issues have created has brought to light the understanding and nuance about positions we need to support. There are ways we could come together with everyone to make a compromise that would be useful to improve our quality of life and, in turn, save the country in the long run. 

How Individual Contribution is Vital To Positively Impact the World

Nowadays, so many of us can’t stand to turn on the news — we feel so helpless, distraught, and angry at everything happening in the world — wars, nuclear threats, environmental catastrophes, gun violence, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and more. However, the vast majority of us who want to make a difference need to find a way to not get lost or frozen in feelings of discouragement and realize everyone matters a lot. This includes you, and that also means there’s a reason for potential optimism. 

Upgrading Traditional Myths of Happiness Through Success Into Greater Collective Opportunity and Wealth – Part 2

An ordinary life in western culture is generally based on the belief that certain values will make you happy. In my experience in 50 years of counseling, it has proven that even those that have succeeded have not achieved a high level of happiness, peace and fulfillment. This is the main point of discussion with clients I’ve had for 50 years. These are also some of the truly sincere, smart and successful people who have been aware and honest enough to be seeking a deeper, richer fulfillment.  

How Psycho-Politics Can Help Us Create a Better, More Peaceful World

There’s a pervasive lack of psychological and emotional awareness in our political discourse and social beliefs today. This lack of understanding stands in the way of solving the crises that currently imperil our democracy and undermine humanity’s efforts to stem global deterioration. The stakes are monumental and are worsening with each day, as evidenced by personal and political alienation, global warming, economic inequality and corruption on corporate and governmental levels. What is becoming painfully obvious is a missing conversation that we have to address. 

Homelessness is Solvable—A Cost-Effective and Impactful Solution to Homelessness

Homelessness is quite solvable. There is more than enough hope, and not just hope, but also resources for our homeless brothers and sisters to not only be given houses and communities for the rest of their lives but also for it to actually save costs for the government in the long run term. Let’s explore what we mean by this and how The Global Bridge Foundation has a few cost-effective solutions for eliminating homelessness in the next few years in California, the USA, and eventually in the whole world. 

The Need for an “Interconnected Psychology” In Our World Today – Part 1

Throughout history, the center of focus for humanity has been dominantly rooted in individual success, family protection, and the desire for adventure, fun, and pleasure. This has led to a recurring belief in many that this is normal and healthy and that our success will trickle down to those without opportunities. We need to recognize that we live in an interdependent world that has finally reached its limits of individualism and dominant focus on family.

The Fairy Tale Nature of A Normal Life

An ordinary life in western culture is generally based on the belief that certain values will make you happy. In my experience in 50 years of counseling, it has proven that even those that have succeeded have not achieved a high level of happiness, peace and fulfillment. This is the main point of discussion with clients I’ve had for 50 years. These are also some of the truly sincere, smart and successful people who have been aware and honest enough to be seeking a deeper, richer fulfillment.  

Bringing Heart and Wisdom To Our Country’s Division

No matter where we stand in our country’s political and civil alienation and split, we are all challenged together, and it is critical to recognize that we all have work to do to mend this. We can’t afford to withdraw, even though it is likely to be overwhelming for many of us. What if you’re clearly on the side of science, equal voting rights for all people, immigration reform, and opposing views on how to run defense, global safety, and different ideas of how to take care of everyone through economic strategy? 

How can restructuring police oversight build a community of trust?

America needs a quantum leap in law enforcement evaluation, given both the tremendous amount of dedicated police officers throughout the country and the numerous losses of life due to police brutality, negligence, and racism in a small segment of the ranks. A structural change that addresses the gaping wound that exists between the police within themselves, and the BIPOC communities is necessary and overdue. This is not an indictment on the police force throughout the country in general or for that matter in any one area in mass.

Practical Solutions to Ensure Gun Rights and Gun Safety for Americans

It is all too easy to polarize against the left-wing of the democratic party. It’s easy to say they want to take away our constitutional Second Amendment rights — the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. But, in reality, most of those in the democratic party want safety for the nation — the general population and especially our children. This is one of the two black and white views that amplify separation and alienation. The other extreme view is crucifying the gun owners that want guns, AR-15 rifles cartridges, and belts. It is vital to realize that most people buying these weapons are genuinely doing it for their own security and feelings of safety. 

Combining Regenerative Agriculture and Homelessness — Comprehensive Solutions to Bring the Bottom Up

The real Californian and national vision is to generate opportunities throughout the United States for grants and private funding for homelessness and low-income housing and combine these work opportunities with Regenerative Agriculture (RA) and other clean energy sources for the homeless. It is quite clear that the portion of the homeless population that isn’t dealing with the more severe issues of addiction or serious mental illness and a larger percentage of those that are low income are ripe candidates for this kind of community and work opportunity.

The Cost of Allowing Poverty to Exist

According to numerous studies, the average homeless person costs the government and the taxpayers $3000 a month. The biggest tragedy about the cost of allowing poverty to exist is that in the majority of situations it can easily be solved. Whether it’s job training or giving people opportunities to work in so many areas that can set them up for success — we have not focused on eliminating poverty as our true priority. This could be in training for clean energy, regenerative agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, and so much more.

Human As Hell. Learning Grief Literacy with Dr. Ken Druck. (A Video Excerpt)

So if people say, “How are you doing?” I say, “Look, the biggest accomplishment for me has been to get over the shame of my brokenness.” I tell people, “I walk with a limp in my heart.” When I think about what you have been through, the ordeal of asking your body to find a way to go on and to cope and to function and asking your mind to do that when you are dealing with medications and you’ve had a transplant and you’ve had . . . Not many people understand what that ordeal is, but having gone through it, you walk with a limp in your heart as well and your brokenness and your challenge has become a part of you.

How we can best protect the world against acts of genocide

So, we are currently facing a clear and present danger that genocide is not only happening, but also a future danger that we’re going to be encouraging it to continue to happen. So, we can’t be so lost in the present that we don’t recognize that our future is as important as our present. But we’re starting with the assumption that President Putin is not going to cooperate and that at the very best, he’s going to be willing to make a compromise to the Donetsk region and the Donbas region.

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