Humanistic Spirituality

About Humanistic Spirituality
Humanistic Spirituality (HS) is a system of teaching purposeful living through counseling and guidance practices. These practices include relationship counseling, inquiry, meditation, contemplation, and focus on intention and integrity. The site offers original filmed teachings, guided meditations and writings as tools to inspire personal growth.

HS encourages us to discover our own unique life paths
Unlike traditional psychology, where being emotionally well adjusted in society is the priority, HS fosters the essential qualities inside us as our primary source of well being and healing. These qualities include compassion, strength, tenderness, peace, and awareness. And unlike many spiritual approaches, HS also encourages relating directly and honestly to our egos and humanness.

The Humanistic Spirituality method has been created by Global Bridge Foundation co-founder, Robert Strock, Marriage and Family Therapist, who has maintained a private counseling practice for forty years. It is also approved for continuing education for California professionals licensed as Marriage Family Therapists and Clinical Social Workers.Proceeds from HS will be donated to the Global Bridge Foundation. LEARN MORE

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