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White Papers - Cover ArtThe following White Papers address some of the key societal challenges of our time including homelessness, the environment, and immigration. Any of the papers may be read or downloaded (PDF). We've also added an audio link for convenient listening.

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2. Homogeneous Communities

The diversity of the homeless population creates natural obstacles to needed services. Limited funds, space, and human resources put a strain on the very people and organizations striving to connect this vulnerable group with the assistance they need. Part of those challenges comes from the diverse range of people in the homeless population.

5. Low-Cost Communities

A growing homeless population, the need for social distance, and overcrowded shelters have left some cities looking for alternative solutions like a block of motel rooms or purchasing entire motels to temporarily house the homeless. Hotel renovations or new builds can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per unit and take months to complete.

6. An Alternative for the Unsheltered

Affordable housing was a growing problem in the United States before the current pandemic swept across the world. The effects of the pandemic—a slowed economy resulting in job losses—expanded the number of people without permanent shelter, creating an urgent need for safe, dignified housing solutions. Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) provide one such solution.



1. Immigration Reform

In the United States, illegal immigration continues to be a controversial issue and heated topic of debate. Every country needs a framework and system by which people can move from one country to another. Solutions to societal issues like immigration require a whole system approach that brings together government agencies, philanthropic organizations and foundations, and corporate entities.



1. Psycho-Politics

A pervasive lack of psychological and emotional awareness in our political discourse and social beliefs is the elephant in the room standing in the way of solving the crises that currently imperil our democracy and undermine humanity’s efforts to stem global deterioration. The stakes are monumental and are worsening with each day as evidenced by personal and political alienation, global warming, economic inequality and corruption on corporate and governmental levels. What is becoming painfully obvious is a missing conversation that we have to address.

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