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Reconnecting people with their families across the country. Improving the quality of life for the whole community.

West Coast Care Foundation gets the homeless home
We’ve found that repairing broken relationships is the key to sustained long-term recovery. Our top priority is the reunification of homeless individuals with their families and close friends – rebuilding these essential support systems and equipping people for the journey back home.

We offer the help they need

  • Earning trust and inspiring hope through daily conversation and addressing immediate needs and concerns

  • Contacting estranged family members or friends and acting as mediator between them and the person living outside

  • Providing bus tickets, car repair, or other transportation needed to get the person safely back home

  • Following up multiple times after reunification to promote a stable and healthy living arrangement

  • Working with imprisoned persons who are likely to end up homeless after jail to develop a hopeful, goal-oriented plan

Reunification is not always possible. In those cases, we work with our partners to find housing and other service options. We continue offering support to the homeless until a strategy to transition off the streets is found.

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