Los Angeles Skid Row Program

The Los Angeles Skid Row Program began in December, 2000 as a program to distribute clothing and hygiene kits to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles. 

The program was inspired by the vision of Dennis and Amanda Simms
The kits were comprised of an assortment of soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, condoms, ibuprofen, shampoo, first aid kits, and feminine hygiene products. They were greatly appreciated by a small group of recipients in the beginning years.

In response to an overwhelming need for more hygiene kits The "Friends of Skid Row" collaborated with Global Bridge Foundation in 2003.   Since the partnership was established, Global Bridge has increased funding and volunteers to help assemble and distribute the kits.  This past holiday season more than 800 individuals received health kits and clothing.

The Skid Row effort inspires a spirit of compassion and giving, especially critical during these challenging economic times we all face.  The project has promoted the melding together of diverse cultural backgrounds, especially evidenced in the way the recipients and volunteer groups have interacted.

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