RSF Social Finance

RSF Haile Tatiana PhotoCreating more meaningful relationships

RSF Social Finance seeks to revolutionize how people relate to money. We’re a financial services organization that has formed a growing community of motivated, values-driven investors, donors and entrepreneurs. Together, we believe that direct, transparent and personal relationships are essential to healing the economy, one that is based on generosity and interconnectedness.


Relationships and Innovations

By questioning assumptions about how money works and collaborating with our partners and clients, we’re creating new models of working together, new products, and fresh ways of engaging with finance.

We believe that inquiry and dialogue are essential to transforming people’s relationship with money and moving the economy toward greater equity. We enable the investors, donors and entrepreneurs in our community to explore the role of money in their lives and engage with it in more meaningful ways.

Our deeply entrepreneurial culture and unique approach to our work enable us to generate breakthrough ideas at the intersection of social change and finance. Since 1984, we have focused on developing innovative social finance tools that serve the unmet needs of our clients and partners.


 Be Part Of The Solution

Receive the latest news from The Missing Conversation Podcast that highlights leaders in the fields of Psycho-Politics, Agricultural Restoration, and Alternative Housing for the homeless.

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