Creating a Sustainable Future with Affordable Housing and Regenerative Agriculture

RA Communities InitiativeThe Global Bridge Foundation is taking a bold step to address economic disparity and unequal employment opportunities with new initiatives empowering homeless individuals and those in poverty. These initiatives provide affordable housing, clean water, and training in regenerative agriculture (RA) for underprivileged citizens and will help them secure meaningful work and a dignified life that includes housing and community.

"The synergy between regenerative agriculture and addressing economic disparities is a powerful catalyst for positive change. Our goal is to create a blueprint that transforms lives, strengthens communities, and contributes to a more sustainable future
for those in need and our planet."

—Robert Strock, co-president of The Global Bridge Foundation

The Power of Collaboration

The People Concern is the largest provider of permanent supportive housing in Los Angeles. They have built successful communities, including The Kensington Campus in Lancaster, CA, and are committed to interactive, empowering housing collectives. Their CEO, John Maceri, was already exploring scalable options and was immediately receptive to the RA alternative developed by The Global Bridge Foundation. The expertise and resources of the People’s Concern play a big role in the success of the Global Bridge Foundation’s initiative. Read John Maceri's endorsement of The Global Bridge National Initiative.

Gabe Brown of Understanding Ag is an expert in renewable agriculture. His knowledge and Understanding Ag’s pioneering work in soil health have been essential to The Global Bridge Foundation’s initiative.

Alan Graham is the founder and director of Community First! Village in Austin, TX. This community is a highly successful undertaking similar to The Global Bridge Foundation’s envisioned model communities but without the focus on regenerative agriculture. Alan supports The Global Bridge Foundation’s vision and his experience has been invaluable in moving this enterprise forward.

Creating a Sustainable Future with Affordable Housing and Regenerative Agriculture

This three-part initiative creates more resilient communities and a healthier planet by providing:

Tiny Home FarmHousing for Those Who Need It
Individuals and families who are unhoused or living in poverty will be offered the opportunity to live in their own modular housing unit of approximately 1,000 square feet. This opportunity is given with the understanding that residents will commit to learning and implementing the principles of RA. The units will be part of a community of similar homes and will be strategically located on shared plots of land in agricultural zones 3-10 miles outside densely populated areas. This setup will avoid zoning concerns and lessen “Not in My Backyard”  (NIMBY) objections.

Work Training for Disadvantaged Individuals
Community members will receive regenerative agriculture training, so they can work on the farm set up for their community. This helps members learn new skills and work toward self-sufficiency, allowing for either a permanent home or the ability to leave with marketable skills.

Environmental Benefits
The initiative’s regenerative agriculture focus will help sequester carbon, thus mitigating the effects of climate change. Approximately one-half of the countries in the Paris Peace Accord agreed to implement RA as a central strategy to pull carbon from the atmosphere into the soil, and this initiative can help countries follow through on their agreements

The Global Bridge National Initiative Offers Scalable and Adaptable Solutions for Regenerative Agriculture

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"The People Concern" Endorses The Local and National Initiative

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RA Project - Supportive HandsThe Global Bridge Foundation welcomes collaboration from individuals, large donors, foundations that offer low-interest loans, social investors, political leaders, and organizations dedicated to affordable housing, poverty alleviation, and regenerative agriculture. With your help, we can replicate this groundbreaking initiative in more communities and uplift people in need and the planet at the same time. Contact us here inquire about opportunities.

The GBF Earth LogoThe Global Bridge Foundation will not use any part of your donations for operations or administrative costs at any time. 100% of external funding goes directly to programs; our efforts are solely dedicated to bringing the bottom part of our economic society up and creating goods that we all need.

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