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Core Issues Tearing America Apart Right Now - GBF Blog

Core Issues Tearing America Apart Right Now

Right now, in the United States of America, there are several issues that demand our attention as a nation. However, there are a few core issues that I believe must be explored in greater detail. This is because the debate these issues have created has brought to light the understanding and nuance about positions we need to support. There are ways we could come together with everyone to make a compromise that would be useful to improve our quality of life and, in turn, save the country in the long run. 

Upgrading Traditional Myths - GBF Blog

Upgrading Traditional Myths of Happiness Through Success Into Greater Collective Opportunity and Wealth – Part 2

An ordinary life in western culture is generally based on the belief that certain values will make you happy. In my experience in 50 years of counseling, it has proven that even those that have succeeded have not achieved a high level of happiness, peace and fulfillment. This is the main point of discussion with clients I’ve had for 50 years. These are also some of the truly sincere, smart and successful people who have been aware and honest enough to be seeking a deeper, richer fulfillment.  

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