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Using Wealth Wisely Is the Shortest Path to Ensure World Peace and Survival - GBF Blog

Using Wealth Wisely Is the Shortest Path to Ensure World Peace and Survival

Throughout history, humankind has had a socially accepted blind spot that has fostered war, poverty, class division, and psychological imbalance. No matter the time period, the wealthy class of every powerful nation (that I have ever read about or seen), has aspired to increase its own wealth dominantly rather than give work opportunities to those most in need. In addition, very little of this wealth has been used to provide for the planet we live on by protecting natural resources and balance in nature.

Best Of 2022: Psycho-Politics - Episode 74

The Best of 2022: Psycho-Politics – Episode 74

Welcome to our “Best Of 2022” edition. Join us for this compilation that highlights some of our favorite moments and special guests centered around the idea of Psycho-Politics. Our world is at a tipping point where our sense of normalcy needs to catch up to the reality of our country and world. What’s being proposed is to care for our families and widen our scope to reach out beyond our loved ones. It is perfectly natural to want to care for our relatives and close friends, however, continuing to only support our small circles perpetuates poverty, war, terrorism, and global warming.

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