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How Can We Use Our Freedom to Better Our Lives and Others’?

In the United States and various other democracies, the word “freedom” has been so idealized that it gives no direction to what we need to do with said freedom. This is like telling a child to be free and not monitoring their behavior to see if they become excessively self-centered, destructive, addictive, etc. Freedom without balance has been one of the critical danger points missed and abused throughout history.

The Americans TV Series - Episode 70

The Americans: More Unity Through Understanding – Episode 70

This week, Robert and Dave switch gears back to the series focused on a few shows that bring meaning and potential benefit in the media. Specifically, television shows that possess themes crucial to wake us up from the dangers that we are facing, prejudices we have, and ideas that support survival on the planet. Highlighted today is The Americans. We cannot help but love the Russian family that is portrayed as spies planted in the United States in this show.

Let Passion & Action Guide you to the Polls - Special Political Series Part 3

Special Political Series – Part 3: Let Passion & Action Guide you to the Polls

In about a month, The US will have one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime aside from perhaps the rejection of Trump in 2020. There are so many close races that every vote matters. Approximately 60% of Americans are going to have a candidate on their ballot that is an election denier, embracing the big lie of our time. The potential fall of our democracy is very real if the authoritarian MAGA party infiltrates deeper into our institutions to further weaken and centralize them.

Examining Gut Feelings & Unconscious Anger - Special Political Series - Part 1

Special Political Series – Part 1: Examining Gut Feelings & Unconscious Anger

Join Robert and Dave on this special political series to help shake ourselves out of a state of denial and electrify ourselves into action to enable sane voices to prevail in this upcoming election. Most Americans are in a state of shock because of Trump and the MAGA faction proliferating corruption and lies. Robert and Dave make a clear distinction that MAGA Republicans are seemingly caught up in their unconscious anger or are simply supporting a dominating power grab. 

The Myth of Freedom Without Balance - GBF Blog

The Myth of Freedom Without Balance

In our democratic world, there is an idealization of the benefits of freedom without any guidance or discrimination as to how we use guide ourselves. However, it permits destructive attitudes or behaviors when this freedom is not connected to being wholesome and allows for significant harm and suffering to others. 

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