Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform - Episode 14

Immigration Reform – Episode 14

Host Robert Strock introduces an immigration reform framework that unites government agencies, the private sector, and the philanthropic world to provide a viable, safe, legal way for immigrants to enter the United States’ southern border. The plan proposes the creation of fully functional immigrant communities composed of enough tiny homes to house approximately 10,000 people.  Listen to this episode . . .

Immigration Reform – Episode 14 Access the full episode . . .

Immigration Reform - White Paper #1

1. Immigration Reform

In the United States, illegal immigration continues to be a controversial issue and heated topic of debate. Every country needs a framework and system by which people can move from one country to another. Solutions to societal issues like immigration require a whole system approach that brings together government agencies, philanthropic organizations and foundations, and corporate entities.

1. Immigration Reform Access the full episode . . .

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