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Developing Empathy and a Greater Capacity to Love and Be Loved

How often do you temporarily let go of your own needs and see the world through the eyes and heart of being a citizen of the world? This would mean taking a vacation from yourself and realizing the benefits of being more inclusive of ‘the other’ and wanting to feel, need, and think more about how they are. This gives you the best chance to care for them. It also sets up optimal conditions for them to want to do the same for you.

Dr. Paul Brenner - Love, Wonder, and Purpose - Episode 57

Dr. Paul Brenner: Love, Wonder, and Purpose – Episode 57

Join Robert as he speaks with another extraordinary guest on this week’s show, Dr. Paul Brenner. Paul has dedicated his career to counseling cancer patients. This has been the work and passion driving his life. He continued to share his unique love and wisdom with patients even as he also learned to live with cancer and profoundly accept limited mobility himself.  All the while he has maintained and cultivated a sense of wonder and innocence. For many the word cancer equals fear. His depth of acceptance of his illness is an inspiration.

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