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A Balanced Use of Medication Is an Act of Self-Love - Episode 80

A Balanced Use of Medication Is an Act of Self-Love – Episode 80

The Missing Conversation welcomes you to the third and final installment focusing on the balanced use of medication. This is often the neglected side of the discourse surrounding  America’s relationship to opioids. There are significant dangers on both ends of the spectrum being either too loose or too restrictive. Robert and Dave discuss how to optimize our best relationship with sleeping and pain medications that can change our quality of life immensely. Not only are we emotional beings but we are chemical as well.

Four Most Common Medication Personality Types - Episode 79

4 Most Common Medication Personality Types – Episode 79

Opioid abuse has been very well covered in the media. Here, on The Missing Conversation,  Robert and Dave will look at the other sides of opioid and medication use. Carefully dispensed and given to a properly screened patient who requires it for better health can be a life-changing solution. The reality is, that the longer we live, the more inevitable it becomes that we will need to introduce potent medications, which may include controlled substances, in our routines.

How to Be Resourceful in Chronic Pain - Episode 78

How to Be Resourceful In Chronic Pain – Episode 78

In this episode, Robert and Dave take the conversation in a new direction to discuss the crucial issue of using controlled substances for medications for those in critical need. At the same time, they will be suggesting guidelines and safeguards to prevent addiction while still providing pathways to find maximum relief and equilibrium for those with chronic pain and long-term sleep challenges.

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