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Practical Guidance for Using Medications for Sleep and Pain - GBF Blog

Practical Guidance for Using Medications for Sleep and Pain

Until I was fifty, I never used prescription medication. I was proud that I was being “natural” in the way that I had cared for myself. It seemed stronger, independent, and organic to be able to let my body take care of itself. In my 20s, it felt like ingesting prescribed medication was only for serious medical or psychological issues. It almost seemed like I didn’t have any issues with using medication when I thought it was necessary.

How to Be Resourceful in Chronic Pain - Episode 78

How to Be Resourceful In Chronic Pain – Episode 78

In this episode, Robert and Dave take the conversation in a new direction to discuss the crucial issue of using controlled substances for medications for those in critical need. At the same time, they will be suggesting guidelines and safeguards to prevent addiction while still providing pathways to find maximum relief and equilibrium for those with chronic pain and long-term sleep challenges.

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