Harnessing Core Good Intentions for Gun Safety in America - Episode 60

Harnessing Core Good Intentions for Gun Safety in America – Episode 60

Continue to break from traditional thinking with Robert in the third installment of our series on gun safety. This is a tough yet current conversation where Robert and Dave grapple with the consequences of the Democratic and Republican parties acting from the extreme ends of the political difference. Trump is an extreme and bad actor. He should be prosecuted and taken off the map completely. His vitriol and insanity are exactly the extreme views hindering the democratic evolution of gun safety in our laws and politics.

Thinking Outside the Box on Gun Safety in America- Episode 59

Thinking Outside the Box on Gun Safety in America – Episode 59

Continuing the conversation this week Robert and Dave focus on one of the many issues that are dividing our country today, gun safety. They look at the most sincere elements from each political party to take the best potential inspiration from both approaches to serve The United States. The extreme ends of the left and right are pretty well excluded from this discourse as they only seem to polarize. It is emphasized that President Trump and all those that helped him in the various conspiracies and violations to democracy are excluded.

from the Us vs Them Mentality - Episode 58

Breaking Away from the Us vs. Them Mentality: Gun Safety in America – Episode 58

This week begins a new series exploring gun safety as a polarizing issue in the United States. Robert’s approach deconstructs the us vs. them mentality to assume both political parties’ goodwill, innocence, and virtuous intentions. The process requires us to begin to think in shades of gray rather than black and white. This is as much the purpose of this series as gun safety, as one will naturally support the other, as well as our democracy. What will make democracy flower is finding the balance between individual freedom and collective responsibility.

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