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The Global Bridge Foundation’s Initiatives: Homelessness, Regenerative Agriculture, and More

Giving money to the poor has always been seen as futile — a good percentage of us think the poor or the homeless don’t actually want to work. However, that’s not really true. When offered the opportunity, they can be the most motivated — especially when the work provided is a way to contribute to the world while allowing them to earn money and protect their families.

Homelessness is Solvable, Here's How - Episode 72

Homelessness is Solvable, Here’s How – Episode 72

Homelessness is truly solvable. The fact that it is a pervasive problem is a failure of creativity and practicality. Robert and Dave have been at the frontlines of this human crisis and will share with you some of the innovative and cost-effective ways this issue can be handled humanely with respect for all, including the planet, within the next 5 years. The nonprofit work that Robert and Dave have done through The Global Bridge Foundation focuses on bringing the bottom of the economic population up through the vision of creating communities with low-cost housing with job training and purpose.

Erin Beasley: Ecosystem Restoration Camps - Episode 66

Erin Beasley: Ecosystem Restoration for A Healthy Planet- Episode 66

Join Robert and his special guest Erin Beasley. It is worth stretching our brains and hearts to comprehend her message and its potential positive implications. Erin is the Executive Director of the non-profit Ecosystem Restoration Camps in the USA. It is under the umbrella of psycho-politics that Robert welcomes Erin to the show because she represents it so well. Ecosystem restoration and better land management practices are one of the top tools that we have in our tool belt.

Combining Regenerative Agriculture and Homelessness — Comprehensive Solutions to Bring the Bottom Up - Blog

Combining Regenerative Agriculture and Homelessness — Comprehensive Solutions to Bring the Bottom Up

The real Californian and national vision is to generate opportunities throughout the United States for grants and private funding for homelessness and low-income housing and combine these work opportunities with Regenerative Agriculture (RA) and other clean energy sources for the homeless. It is quite clear that the portion of the homeless population that isn’t dealing with the more severe issues of addiction or serious mental illness and a larger percentage of those that are low income are ripe candidates for this kind of community and work opportunity.

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