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Balancing Love for Family and the World - Episode 19

Balancing Love For Family And The World PP – Episode 19

Host Robert Strock highlights the need for continual questioning to reexamine our relationships with ourselves, our family, and responding to the world situation as a whole. This ongoing questioning of our personal and societal relationship and our conditioning can open doors to greater insight,  empathy, and connection with the world around us. It helps us live more in the moment and see where we can become more sensitive and grow.  Listen to this episode . . .

It’s Important to Question the Balance in Our Lives - Episode 18

It’s Important to Question the Balance in Our Lives – Episode 18 PP

Host Robert Strock focuses on the third set of questions surrounding a needed change in psycho politics—Am I doing enough? Am I using my resources in a way that benefits the world? There’s a dire need to change the psycho-political climate in the United States and in the world. It’s not enough to love and use our resources only for family and friends. Consistently questioning how and why we’re using our resources can help develop a community–and world-centered focus rather than a self-centered one.  Listen to this episode . . .

Changing for the Good of Humanity - Episode 17

Changing for the Good of Humanity – Episode 17 PP

Host Robert Strock and guest discuss the current psycho-political environment. We’re currently in a time where COVID-19 and natural disasters have highlighted individual and societal vulnerability. Before COVID-19, there was a great amount of disconnection between those with the financial means and power and those struggling to survive day to day. There’s now a profound sense of equal vulnerability to disease and natural disasters. We need a growing understanding of the disparity— yet connection— between the poor, rich, and everyone in between.  Listen to this episode . . .

Finding Balance to Help the Homeless and Save the Planet - Episode 16

Finding Balance to Help the Homeless and Save the Planet – Episode 16 PP

Host Robert Strock and guest ask the question—are we balanced in how we view ourselves and use our resources? To address the growing issues of global warming, homelessness, immigration reform, and other world and societal problems, there’s an overwhelming need for each individual to broaden their view. As we learn to see beyond our immediate needs and question ourselves and society, we better use the resources at our disposal as individuals and as a society. Currently, the planet is headed toward rock bottom. Consequently, building awareness is crucial to healing. Healing those in need, healing ourselves, and healing the planet.  Listen to this episode . . .

Immigration Reform - Episode 14

Immigration Reform – Episode 14

Host Robert Strock introduces an immigration reform framework that unites government agencies, the private sector, and the philanthropic world to provide a viable, safe, legal way for immigrants to enter the United States’ southern border. The plan proposes the creation of fully functional immigrant communities composed of enough tiny homes to house approximately 10,000 people.  Listen to this episode . . .

Trash Prophets

Trash Prophets with Mark Spiro – Episode 13

Mark Spiro, award-winning songwriter, producer, recording artist, and founder of Trash Prophets, joins host Robert Strock to discuss Spiro’s work with the unsheltered. Trash Prophets is a mobile recycling organization that helps train the unsheltered in collecting recyclables for a profit. In Spiro’s work with the homeless, he’s learned that many factors come into play, keeping people homeless. If they make too much money, they can lose the few benefits they get.  Listen to this episode . . .

Discovering the Meaning of Home - Episode 12

Discovering the Meaning of Home with Alan Graham – Episode 12

Join host Robert Strock in an interview with guest Alan Graham, founder of Community First! Village and Mobile Loaves and Fishes (MLF) of Austin, Texas. Graham organized and runs a permanent community that offers permanent housing to the unsheltered. However, 20 percent of residents are there voluntarily, coming from a wide range of successful backgrounds. The key to the community’s success is the acceptance of everyone for where and who they are in their journey.  Listen to this episode . . .

Homelessness and Agriculture - Episode 11

Homelessness and Agriculture with Perry Goldberg – Episode 11

The President of E Pluribus University and founder of, Perry Goldberg, joins host Robert Strock to discuss current efforts to identify solutions and barriers to the growing homelessness problem in California. Current solutions involve building affordable housing where land runs at a premium and laws, regulations, and objections of neighbors add to the expense and time it takes to develop the properties.  Listen to this episode . . .

Housing Options for the Unsheltered - Episode 9

Housing Options for the Unsheltered with Brian Greenberg – Episode 9

Brian Greenberg, PhD, manager of Life Moves, joins host Robert Strock to discuss the current and growing needs among the unsheltered population. Life Moves is the largest comprehensive homelessness program in Northern California. It focuses on providing amenities like private/public showers and toilets along with connecting participants with job opportunities, housing support, and health services. When less expensive housing options have basic privacy, it provides incentives that bring people off of the streets. Organizations like Life Moves work to provide a maximum amount of services at a minimal cost. Listen to this episode . . .

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