How Individual Contribution is Vital To Positively Impact the World

How Individual Contribution is Vital To Positively Impact the World - GBF BlogNowadays, so many of us can’t stand to turn on the news — we feel so helpless, distraught, and angry at everything happening in the world — wars, nuclear threats, environmental catastrophes, gun violence, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and more. 

However, the vast majority of us who want to make a difference need to find a way to not get lost or frozen in feelings of discouragement and realize everyone matters a lot. This includes you, and that also means there’s a reason for potential optimism. 

Recognize many are working to improve our world

We need to recognize that there is a large group of people who are extraordinarily devoted to improving our world but aren’t in the media very often.  They need all of us to help and not just react and withdraw. We can create new groups, make new friends in this venture, join groups or find those already in action if we seek them out. 

The articles presented will include many of these groups, but the amount of substantial groups is at least in the tens of thousands at least. So, today, we’ll explore some of the great sources of good work, but in no way will we come close to covering the vast army of good actions, innovations, and motivation that benefit the world.

To start with, there are obvious groups of power, with the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates working on energy solutions, health, and various other causes. As is well known, they have encouraged and formed a group of over 150 billionaires who will donate at least half of their wealth to causes that they most believe in to benefit the world. 

This is but a significant organ of the body of the world that is dedicated to challenging the direction and activating unique efforts to create alternatives to self-centered power, greed, and corruption or those going even further to kill, torture, rape, or maim for their own sense of power, hatred, and or control. 

Why do we need to find like-minded people and collaborate to do our part?

Those of us who are discouraged, feel helpless, or afraid and sitting on the sidelines are a significant part of the motivation for writing this article. It is vital that you see the hopeful and inspiring side of our brothers and sisters throughout the world who are already cooperating with each other. 

This is an advantage that the elements of corruption and grotesque power don’t have. They are dominantly isolated into separate groups as they are embedded in their own narcissism and hatred, incapable of cooperating with virtually anyone other than for short-term interests. 

It is crucial for all of us who are in a state of concern and care to realize that the sources and powers of wise intelligence can cooperate and find each other to magnify the potency of our sense of purpose. Therefore, this is also being written to further encourage those doing such great work to create more and more partners to vastly empower their work and purpose. 

This is an area where, even if you have just two people with intelligence, goodwill, and the desire to cooperate. They will be able to create exponential power as one can fill in for the areas not covered by the other. It also expands connections and creates inspiration while reducing feelings of hopelessness, meaninglessness, and aloneness.

It is essential that each of us know this exists, and it requires us to look at our skills, time availability, financial situation, and intentions to see how we can maximize our motivation to seek our place in one of these threads. As the Moody Blues, a 60’s popular band, sang in their song, Eyes of a Child:

A small part of a hope
Of a love that exists
In the eyes of a child, you will see . . .

It is now much more tangible than this and can no longer be seen as a dream. Instead, it is an upgrade into reality from The Beatles’ song Imagine as we no longer have the luxury of just imagining or being idealistic as it is a crucial time for survival, realization, and action. 

Our survival doesn’t need idealism, but it needs facing reality, an intention to do what we can cooperate, expanding, and being aware of how we can use our precious time in a way that is a part of one of these many hopeful waves. This also helps us find our motivation to be engaged when our feelings of being overwhelmed can create inaction and withdrawal.

How to move from intention to action

These waves live near you no matter where you are, and it is critical that you don’t underestimate your potential. There is a need from nuts to bolts, and it doesn’t matter what your contribution is as long as it reflects an expansion of connectedness and outreach proportionally that is enough to allow the world to survive and give opportunities to those that need it the most. 

Whether you’re a bag boy for healthy food, a farmer, a truck driver, an innovator, a salesman, or anyone else — your work, whether subtle or not, along with small caring actions, makes an impact. It is a matter of having the intention and responding to it, and if you have taken the time to read this far, it is clear that you do at least to a fairly large extent.

It is then a matter of having the courage to not just stay with the thought, “I don’t know how I can plug in.” It’s also having the perseverance to find out what is happening around you that is beneficial that you can be a part of. 

It requires a lot of contemplation and emotional maturity to process the feelings of discouragement or unworthiness and to reach a place of “I’m going for it and this is part of why I’m alive!”

So many people know this deep in their hearts, but our conditioning has led us to believe that our central purpose is to look out for ourselves and those we love and who are close to us. The times are calling us to join in this national and international civil war of sorts — overtly and in a way that can create even the smallest benefit. 

It is like there is an unspoken “draft” that hasn’t been openly declared yet. This is a voice that is intended to be a whisper of that. Even if you have done virtually nothing so far in your life overtly in this direction and want to find a way, you are perhaps the most important person whom this is being written for. 

There are clearly billions, not just millions, of people who recognize that the world is in jeopardy of its own survival. It is especially clear when we go to the villages of the world that most people are expressing the motivation to want to support everyone in their community to have a better chance to live. 

This isn’t even an interesting debate, like it happens in the larger communities of the world, as it is crystal clear that the alternative is so bleak, and the rewards of connection are a big reason for living. 

Choosing to act instead of sitting on the sidelines in despair

The key is to see that there is hope and a unique interconnected role for everyone. The one thread that is mentioned here is in its beginning inspirational form. It is evident by the growing number of people in this hopeful ocean of waves that so many people want to keep expanding inwardly and outwardly with action and communication.

This is very inspiring and hopeful amidst the despair and helplessness when we realize that those thinking on the sidelines are an almost immeasurable resource enhanced when we take enough time to really inquire, “How can I find my way to tangibly contribute?” This is not a hobby for many of us, as it is clearly a painful and inspirational gift to be given an awesome sense of purpose for why we are alive today. 

This question and the following perseverance is a profound inspirational reason to absorb that it is a big part of why we are alive. This is a time like no other and isn’t a dress rehearsal as life and death are definitely on the line like it has never been before. The old ways we have been raised are no longer significantly applicable as this is a unique time in the world. 

We’re called to contemplate how much we support (whether passively or overtly) the domination of the world’s resources and life and how much we keep being resourceful for the best chance for humanity to survive. None of us is close to perfection, so the direction is increasing the percentage of the benefit we create and seeing what groups or individuals we can co-create with.

The alternative is finding and acting on our life motive to dedicate ourselves toward unity. This is not just an abstraction as we are being pulled to be practical as we are facing such concrete dilemmas; we can’t afford to just leave our best ideas in our minds and hearts. It is expressed through actions, attitudes, innovation, communication, and expanding our very sense of who we are in the ways the times are moving us. As Bob Dylan has sung for a long time: “The times they are a-changing.”

There is an international civil war that we rationally deny, even though it hasn’t been framed as such by many. It may not even look like your conventional war yet. This is where it helps enormously to be connected to a wave or thread of individuals, groups, and foundations that are engrossed in the meaning and purpose of being interconnected in the effort to support our very survival. 

Look at your inner world and see if this isn’t intuitively obvious that we are living at a different time than any prior generations where the dangers to survival are multiply threatened. Yet, for many (including possibly you), there is inertia because you are to some degree caught between the old motivation of ordinary life, success, wealth, sex, youth, beauty, and power rather than truly contemplating how you can gain that has n a sense of purpose, interconnectedness, and concern about the survival of our democracy and the world. This is a great starting point because it shows that the intention is there; you just don’t know how to put it into greater action yet. 

It bears repeating that it is vital that you look for these waves and threads that are happening throughout the globe. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been publicized or commonly recognized yet significantly. The media tends to be oriented toward the latest trauma, whether it be political issues, the Supreme Court’s rulings, abortion, immigration, inflation, gun violence, war, or tragedy. Of course, there is a role for these acts to be talked about, but the degree of dominance reinforces helplessness and makes us numb to the growing horrors in the world, what’s being done to the world, and what we each can do to change our thoughts, actions, and attitudes.

When the majority of us have the urge to contribute to the survival of democracy and the world, we need to be able to see and be shown signs of significant movements. This includes our thoughts and actions toward healing, cooperation, changes in agriculture, technology, innovation, impact investing, philanthropic business ventures, environmental movements including regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration, and lessening the focus on just the harmful degeneration of our world. This shift to find our unique ways to individually and collectively contribute in whatever ways are viable this week, this month. It is beyond imperative because the very survival of life as we know it is at stake. 

The importance of caring for those beyond your family, community, and country

We are at the crossroads where each of us can look for and find our place that connects to our hearts, sensitivity, intentions, intelligence, communication, innovation, and willingness to change our actions to respond to the times we are facing.

Almost all of us individually unwittingly have a responsibility to contribute to this situation we face in the world. We mustn’t just give responsibility to make it about those in power in our countries. Each of us needs to do our part to see that almost all of us have resistance to giving a significant percentage of our wealth, love, and willingness to work to support our endangered planet and those whose very survival is already at stake. 

We each need to look at how much our lives reveal the lack of significant giving, trust, and generosity beyond our limited loved ones. This is not intended to touch your guilt but to energize the best part of you that knows that you’d like to help, but don’t take it to the stage of direct action and attitude change. When we magnify the billions of people that live this way in their ordinary life (prioritizing loved ones so dominantly), we can see that this is a major factor in why our countries’ leaders put themselves ahead of the greater world’s well-being. 

Notice as you read this if you are motivated, inspired, or complacent. The world situation depends on the majority of people in the world to find their intention to contribute to preserving the earth’s ecosystem, utilize money and wealth in this way, and get involved at every level possible individually. No one is immune or gets a pass in sharing this responsibility.

This reflects what it has meant to be a normal human being not only now but for all preceding generations. This is why it is such a large pattern to break, as it has been going on since the beginning of humanity. So many of us have let this be brought to mind and maybe even into a conversation. However, billions of us have not translated this goodwill and common sense into a pivotal intensity of action and attitude. 

Today the consequences of world endangerment, cruel, senseless death, and nature reflect the abuse of the planet through fires, droughts, and hurricanes. These traumatic events are dramatically manifesting themselves in the likelihood of death for our children and future generations unless we individually and collectively make the biggest pivot in the history of humanity. 

Small drops that make an ocean — understanding individual impact 

The awareness of the severe danger we are in and the intention to find a way to be of support has already been born in what I believe to be much more than half of humanity, but the tangible steps aren’t public enough yet. In a small way, this is one of the core intentions of this article and series. For virtually everyone, there is an access point by simply putting your interests to find repeatedly in different ways to align yourself with causes that reflect your unique skills, motivations, and most spirited inclinations. 

I tell my own clients all the time — make a small difference by making Google your friend and seeking out what good acts are taking place around you. Or perhaps not directly around you but areas to which you can still contribute. Follow your unique potential gifts to find (local) groups that align with your available time, skills, and desire to help to create peace and benefit. 

It sounds like a dream, but if we wake up right now, even while reading this, we’ll see we’re in the middle of a nightmare. It will take most of us to have a chance to make this shift in how we relate to ourselves, the planet, and those that are food, shelter, and medically insecure. Yet, This can be a big central part of the reason we are alive or leave us with an empty and meaningless hole in our souls that we may or may not notice. 

A moment of reflection — can you glimpse a new psychological imperative toward our planet?

As you read this, see to what degree it leads you into contemplation and what portion sees it simply as unrealistic conceptual ideas. But, first, we must realize that we’ve been mainly living in myths rooted in fairy tales of small group happiness that don’t interconnect with a greater and obvious purpose to continue expanding the critical necessity for our supporting our survival on the earth.  

It is at the edge of time when we may still have a chance to lobotomize our private myths into overlapping lives that feed each other’s hearts and bodies. Instead, each of us has the opportunity to see where we are in our individual lives and see the small and large steps we can take.

Imagine that you have the power to face the reality we are in. Is it not obvious to you that we need to have more secure international agreements rooted in psychologically inclusive tenets? Without them, is it not evident that there are too many random powers, motivations, fears, and distrust? It is only a matter of time before a series of massive tragedies occur.

As the band King Crimson sang in their song “Epitaph,” — Knowledge is our deadly friend if nobody sets the rules . . .

Let yourself be part of the visionary potential, and it is vital that we all participate in our best version of being protectors of the Earth and its inhabitants, including, of course, ourselves and our families. It is too easy and predictably deadly for our kids and grandkids if we don’t find a way to change our historical and psychological patterns. Do you have a better idea? If you do, I urge you to write, speak and share it with me and everyone you know. Nothing proposed here is coming from a place of omnipotence or all-knowing, but simply the most pragmatic psychological vision facing the reality that we’re in that I can see. We need a psychology that considers not only the individual but on a reliable basis connecting it with the rest of humanity and the planet.  

The dual impact of an international World Body and individual responsibility 

As part of a series, we will explore a potential hopeful solution to the current way of the world — International Agreements for World Survival — how a new World Body (WB) can intertwine with individual responsibility to create new world psychology. 

A clear elucidation of the psychology of humankind is to realize that we think individually at the expense of the collective in the traditional western world. We’ve done this throughout history. 

We need to realize this normalcy is the root cause of mitigating interconnectedness, and it’s because we’re so isolated in our individualistic motivations. This is so ordinary that it seems healthy, as we successfully suppress our planet’s and humankind’s imperiled nature. 

We, as a human race, and a seemingly necessary World Body, need to balance continuing to support individual incentives for inspiration and motivation with a clear set of boundaries that efficiently takes care of those in the greatest need by giving them opportunities for work, food, and shelter. This is clear because today’s world conditions make it evident that if we continue in the same direction that we have been moving in throughout our time, humanity will soon perish. 

This giving way to a collective world body would be like a lobotomy for those in the greatest power. We will do our best to describe how it might be possible to create an evolution of the United Nations that is inclusive of every country that sees the looming threat and the need to think inclusively. 

Even with this realization, it will still require great psychological clarity to make this leap for humankind. This illusion that individual nations can keep pursuing their power at the expense of the world population, resources, and safety has to be exposed in an inspirational way.

Please do check out the rest of the series, especially the main World Body article, to ensure you gain a greater picture of one way that we as a world population could do what’s needed to increase the chances for the continued and healthy survival of our species:

  • International Agreements for World Survival — The Creation of a World Body for Peace and Survival
  • The Role of Individual Responsibility and Its Impact On Our World
  • The World Body and its influence on War, Military, and Nuclear Threats
  • A Greater Sensibility for Our Environment, Individual Wealth, and Technology with The World Body 

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