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Discovering the Meaning of Home - Episode 12

Discovering the Meaning of Home with Alan Graham – Episode 12

Join host Robert Strock in an interview with guest Alan Graham, founder of Community First! Village and Mobile Loaves and Fishes (MLF) of Austin, Texas. Graham organized and runs a permanent community that offers permanent housing to the unsheltered. However, 20 percent of residents are there voluntarily, coming from a wide range of successful backgrounds. The key to the community’s success is the acceptance of everyone for where and who they are in their journey.  Listen to this episode . . .

Homelessness and Agriculture - Episode 11

Homelessness and Agriculture with Perry Goldberg – Episode 11

The President of E Pluribus University and founder of, Perry Goldberg, joins host Robert Strock to discuss current efforts to identify solutions and barriers to the growing homelessness problem in California. Current solutions involve building affordable housing where land runs at a premium and laws, regulations, and objections of neighbors add to the expense and time it takes to develop the properties.  Listen to this episode . . .

Housing Options for the Unsheltered - Episode 9

Housing Options for the Unsheltered with Brian Greenberg – Episode 9

Brian Greenberg, PhD, manager of Life Moves, joins host Robert Strock to discuss the current and growing needs among the unsheltered population. Life Moves is the largest comprehensive homelessness program in Northern California. It focuses on providing amenities like private/public showers and toilets along with connecting participants with job opportunities, housing support, and health services. When less expensive housing options have basic privacy, it provides incentives that bring people off of the streets. Organizations like Life Moves work to provide a maximum amount of services at a minimal cost. Listen to this episode . . .


Bonus Episode: Psycho-Politics

It’s really vital that we each look at the state of the world today because it’s quite evident that global warming is a real risk, along with terrorism, cyber-attacks, and too many other dangers to mention. The essence of Psycho-Politics informs us that it’s natural to care for our family and friends—but it’s not natural during this time of global warming and the unprecedented gap between the wealthy and the poor, and the fact that we aren’t contributing more to those who struggle to survive and are struggling for the survival of the planet. This unprecedented time requires us to think for ourselves in an entirely new way. ​Listen to this episode . . .

Peer Support Can Solve Homelessness - Episode 8

Peer Support Can Solve Homelessness with Brian Ulf – Episode 8

Brian Ulf’s background in real estate and addiction recovery contributes to his involvement in many organizations, but notably his work with Shares Self-Help and the Recovery Exchange and Share Collaborative Housing programs. The unique approach to both housing and recovery needs connects the unsheltered with single-family homes for housing, along with needed services and peer support groups led by specialized peer bridgers. Peer bridgers help residents resolve conflicts, set long and short-term goals, and work toward the next step in their life. Listen to this episode . . .

Ecosystem Restoration Camps - Episode 7

Ecosystem Restoration Camps with John D Liu – Episode 7

Guest John D. Liu, ecosystem ambassador for the Common Land Foundation, joins host Robert Strock in a discussion about restoring the planet’s biodiversity and biomass through regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration. These two practices and concepts recognize and incorporate the symbiosis of all living things in order to restore and reclaim land. Restorative agriculture programs, including Liu’s Ecosystem Restoration Camps, are now found on six continents, including a massively successful pilot program on China’s Loess Plateau that covered 35,000 square kilometers. Listen to this episode . . .

Reuniting Homeless Individuals - Episode 6

Reconnecting Homeless to Family with Ron Hooks – Episode 6

Pastor Ron Hook’s 26 years of working with the unsheltered gives him a unique perspective on those experiencing homelessness. He talks with host Robert Strock and guest host Shelley Pearce about some of his personal turning points that led him to devoting his life to helping the unsheltered. His organization, West Coast Care, often fills a gap between what other organizations offer and what the unsheltered need to reconnect with family, find meaningful employment, or move forward in their recovery journey. Listen to this episode . . .

TMC Podcast Image E4

Funding Alternative Housing Solutions with Elizabeth Funk – Episode 5

Guest Elizabeth Funk, innovator and Board Member of Life Moves, talks with host Robert Strock about her work in the microfinance industry abroad and current focus and efforts to eliminate homelessness in the United States. Together, they shed new light on the complexity of the growing housing crisis, from the needs of interim housing to potential solutions that involve portable, permanent housing units. The COVID pandemic has left more people unsheltered, but it’s also been a catalyst for changing attitudes and forces that have acted as barriers to permanent housing solutions. Listen to this episode . . .

Caring for the Homeless and Hungry - Episode 4

Caring for the Homeless and Hungry with Ken Craft – Episode 4

Los Angeles faces a growing humanitarian crisis as the number of unsheltered persons continues to grow. An interview with Ken Craft, founder of Hope of the Valley, reveals his organization’s work to develop temporary small tiny homes throughout the San Fernando Valley, and now, in LA. A safe place to sleep with an array of healing services can be a turning point for many who come to Hope of the Valley shelters. However, challenges to establishing these communities and permanent housing options range from zoning laws to attitudes about unsheltered persons. Listen to this episode . . .

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