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Small Steps Create Positive Change in Supporting Survival on our Planet - Episode 83

Small Steps Create Positive Change in Supporting Survival on our Planet – Episode 83

The world is divided against itself. So divided in fact, that the implications have the potential to be the tragedy of all time. Valuing the individual above all else is the result of human conditioning and not human nature. This is how it is but not how it could be. Each person can take small steps to create positive change in supporting survival on our planet. The idea is to be an active participant. Join us for ideas on getting motivated and inspired, not to get grandiose, but to be open and explore how the energy, money, and ideas you put into the world make all the difference. 

Taking Collaborative Action to Support World Survival - Episode 82

Taking Collaborative Action to Support World Survival – Episode 82

As we move further into the 21st century, the threats to our country and the world are becoming increasingly apparent. We must take collaborative action to support world survival. The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the nuclear posturing by Putin, China’s threats to Taiwan, terrorism, global warming, and the growing waves of corruption in the United States all demonstrate that the human race is facing significant risks.

This Is the Greatest Opportunity in the History of Mankind to Wake Up - Episode 81

This Is the Greatest Opportunity in the History of Mankind to Wake Up – Episode 81

Equal rights for everyone is something that our world has always failed at. However, this is the greatest opportunity in the history of mankind to wake up. We pay a deep and often unconscious price for our prejudice to continue to care only for ourselves and those familiar to us. Of course,  it’s natural to care for our families, but, how much is too much? It is possible for you to move into greater balance to include more people and other beings on this planet.

A Balanced Use of Medication Is an Act of Self-Love - Episode 80

A Balanced Use of Medication Is an Act of Self-Love – Episode 80

The Missing Conversation welcomes you to the third and final installment focusing on the balanced use of medication. This is often the neglected side of the discourse surrounding  America’s relationship to opioids. There are significant dangers on both ends of the spectrum being either too loose or too restrictive. Robert and Dave discuss how to optimize our best relationship with sleeping and pain medications that can change our quality of life immensely. Not only are we emotional beings but we are chemical as well.

Four Most Common Medication Personality Types - Episode 79

4 Most Common Medication Personality Types – Episode 79

Opioid abuse has been very well covered in the media. Here, on The Missing Conversation,  Robert and Dave will look at the other sides of opioid and medication use. Carefully dispensed and given to a properly screened patient who requires it for better health can be a life-changing solution. The reality is, that the longer we live, the more inevitable it becomes that we will need to introduce potent medications, which may include controlled substances, in our routines.

How to Be Resourceful in Chronic Pain - Episode 78

How to Be Resourceful In Chronic Pain – Episode 78

In this episode, Robert and Dave take the conversation in a new direction to discuss the crucial issue of using controlled substances for medications for those in critical need. At the same time, they will be suggesting guidelines and safeguards to prevent addiction while still providing pathways to find maximum relief and equilibrium for those with chronic pain and long-term sleep challenges.

Best Of 2022: Innovative Homeless Solutions - Episode 76

The Best of 2022: Top Minds Share The Answer To Ending The Homeless Crisis – Episode 76

As is finally common knowledge, homelessness is a massive and ongoing issue in the United States and many countries worldwide. This elusive problem has been a mission for The Global Bridge Foundation. In this “Best Of” series, we dive into the issue and explore how The Global Bridge Foundation is partnering with leading organizations and people to pave the way to make significant steps toward ending homelessness with evidence-based solutions to multifaceted challenges.

Best Of 2022: Redefining Success - Episode 75

The Best of 2022: Redefining Success – Episode 75

In our second “Best Of 2022” episode, we look at what it means to “redefine success.” This set of year-end dialogues, specially curated by Robert Strock, shows how his distinguished and inspired guests have fully expressed, in their own lives, what it means to care for oneself, one’s family, and the world. These are joyful excerpts that demonstrate how these unique individuals have integrated their life’s work and passion in a manner that provides self-fulfillment while improving the lives of those around us and the world at large.

Best Of 2022: Psycho-Politics - Episode 74

The Best of 2022: Psycho-Politics – Episode 74

Welcome to our “Best Of 2022” edition. Join us for this compilation that highlights some of our favorite moments and special guests centered around the idea of Psycho-Politics. Our world is at a tipping point where our sense of normalcy needs to catch up to the reality of our country and world. What’s being proposed is to care for our families and widen our scope to reach out beyond our loved ones. It is perfectly natural to want to care for our relatives and close friends, however, continuing to only support our small circles perpetuates poverty, war, terrorism, and global warming.

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