Best Of 2022: Psycho-Politics - Episode 74

The Best of 2022: Psycho-Politics – Episode 74

Welcome to our “Best Of 2022” edition. Join us for this compilation that highlights some of our favorite moments and special guests centered around the idea of Psycho-Politics. Our world is at a tipping point where our sense of normalcy needs to catch up to the reality of our country and world. What’s being proposed is to care for our families and widen our scope to reach out beyond our loved ones. It is perfectly natural to want to care for our relatives and close friends, however, continuing to only support our small circles perpetuates poverty, war, terrorism, and global warming.

Brent Kessel: Ethical Wealth Management, One Small Step at a Time - Episode 54

Brent Kessel: Ethical Wealth Management, One Small Step at a Time – Episode 54

This week, Robert is joined by a special guest and his step-son Brent Kassel. They meet with a sense of purpose and shared vulnerability here on The Missing Conversation. Brent is the co-founder and CEO of Abacus. Abacus is a holistic wealth management company that invests over 4 billion in companies and projects that, above all,  do not create harm in our world. A significant portion of the funds aim to help society and the environment directly while earning competitive investment returns.

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