Ken Druck - Bonus Episode 3

Human As Hell. Learning Grief Literacy with Dr. Ken Druck – Bonus Episode 3

In this week’s bonus episode, Robert speaks candidly to his long-time friend, fellow author, survivor, philanthropist, and therapist, Dr. Ken Druck. Ken lost his oldest daughter at a young age, entering him into a period of the dark night of the soul. Robert experienced his own version of hell as he battled back over a 10 year period from severe reactions to the medication from a kidney transplant. Their conversation centers on their experiences and on creating grief literacy for others facing dark moments.

Ken Druck - Bonus Episode 3

Human As Hell. Learning Grief Literacy with Dr. Ken Druck. (A Video Excerpt)

So if people say, “How are you doing?” I say, “Look, the biggest accomplishment for me has been to get over the shame of my brokenness.” I tell people, “I walk with a limp in my heart.” When I think about what you have been through, the ordeal of asking your body to find a way to go on and to cope and to function and asking your mind to do that when you are dealing with medications and you’ve had a transplant and you’ve had . . . Not many people understand what that ordeal is, but having gone through it, you walk with a limp in your heart as well and your brokenness and your challenge has become a part of you.

President Zelensky US Congress Address

How we can best protect the world against acts of genocide

So, we are currently facing a clear and present danger that genocide is not only happening, but also a future danger that we’re going to be encouraging it to continue to happen. So, we can’t be so lost in the present that we don’t recognize that our future is as important as our present. But we’re starting with the assumption that President Putin is not going to cooperate and that at the very best, he’s going to be willing to make a compromise to the Donetsk region and the Donbas region.

Mark Gerzon Photo - Episode 41

Psycho-Politics In Action—A Chat With Mark Gerzon (PP)- Episode 41

In this episode of The Missing Conversation, Robert is joined by Mark Gerzon, founder of the Mediators Foundation. Mark is also a dedicated activist in the movement for a diverse, inclusive civil structure and transpartisan politics. Robert and Mark explore the three elements of psycho-politics. Politics is human behavior, and it’s not the best idea to separate the two as they are two distinct yet intertwined aspects of humanity.  

Craig Greiwe Photo

LA Mayoral Candidate Craig Greiwe discusses Homelessness, Affordability, and Public Safety with Robert Strock – Bonus Episode 2

The Missing Conversation explores the pressing issues in our world and the innovative solutions that support a greater chance of survival for our city, country, and planet. In this episode, on Psycho Politics, Robert Strock is joined by LA Mayoral Candidate Craig Greiwe, who expands on his plans to help end homelessness, reduce affordability issues, and improve crime response in LA.  Getting to the root of these problems is crucial to eradicating them.

Why should we redefine our relationship with money? - Episode 27

Why We Need to Redefine Our Relationship to Money (PP) – Episode 27

Whether we acknowledge it or not, our relationship with money impacts several avenues of our life and the world at large. So often, many people confuse self-worth with net worth — money equals security and an esteemed life. Robert Strock explores how a few people have obtained excessive riches, which requires being born in an environment that offers unique opportunities. In contrast, this has been simply impossible for others. Now, as the world teeters on a dangerous precipice, those that have excesses have a chance to give back a greater percentage of what they’ve earned for the wellbeing of the planet, to increase the chances of humanity surviving and thriving in the coming generations.

Developing True International Values - Episode 26

Developing True International Values (PP) – Episode 26

Host Robert Strock discusses how we can develop true international values. If we can take ownership of our own lives and become questioners who challenge old values, we can guide ourselves toward a broader view. Facing our challenging emotions lets us build a healthy self so we can also look beyond ourselves, our families, and our communities to a bigger, more complex world.

Thinking and Acting with Solutions for the Global Good - Episode 25

Thinking & Acting with Solutions for the Global Good (PP) – Episode 25

Host Robert Strock dives into the complexities of the homelessness crisis in the state of California and other urban areas. He focuses on solutions that provide a sense of belonging and community, where people can be nourished and feel at home instead of temporary housing. If we start talking about these solutions as a community and society, we can rebuild our infrastructure to support people at all income levels. As we begin to explore options that help those in the most need, we can contemplate and redefine our relationship with money recognizing that we are at a time like no other in human history where the needs of the planet are blatant and vital.

Reevaluating The Way We View Ourselves In The World - Episode 24

Reevaluating The Way We View Our Place In The World (PP) – Episode 24

Host Robert Strock discusses the need for a change in how we view and respond to our relationship with ourselves and the rest of the world. Our world is at a breaking point. Socioeconomic divisions, racial divisions, and many other dividing factors can be overcome if we can see that we can be the witness and responder to our conditioning, rather than be controlled by it, and contemplate individually how we view our place in the world. We can start by asking “What are the small or large gifts that will allow us to respond in a way that is grounded and inspired and have the best chance to be as fulfilling as possible.

We Can All Contribute Regrdless Of Our Wealth - Episode 23

We Can All Contribute Regardless of Our Wealth PP – Episode 23

Host Robert Strock helps identify small ways we can each begin today to discover how we individually can make a difference in the bigger world. There’s a need to contemplate the norms of how we raise children facing the new challenges of the world, view our roles within the community, adjust our relationships to step up and support our nation, and change how we respond to our place in the world. We can learn to face and care for our own difficult emotions and use them to help us make more meaningful contributions to others and by extension, the world.

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