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Essential Questions to Support World Survival

All of us have been exposed to ideals or values that represent our best sides, whether through the most incredible wisdom of our country, religions, teachers, or traditional or indigenous culture. Most of us have been taught to regard each other as equals, and we honor the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We consider injustice anywhere as a threat to justice everywhere, and we hear the adages “Ask not what your country can do, ask what you can do for your country” and “Things which do not grow and change are dead.”

Taking Collaborative Action to Support World Survival - Episode 82

Taking Collaborative Action to Support World Survival – Episode 82

As we move further into the 21st century, the threats to our country and the world are becoming increasingly apparent. We must take collaborative action to support world survival. The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the nuclear posturing by Putin, China’s threats to Taiwan, terrorism, global warming, and the growing waves of corruption in the United States all demonstrate that the human race is facing significant risks.

How Psycho-Politics Can Help Us Create a Better, More Peaceful World - GBF Blog

How Psycho-Politics Can Help Us Create a Better, More Peaceful World

There’s a pervasive lack of psychological and emotional awareness in our political discourse and social beliefs today. This lack of understanding stands in the way of solving the crises that currently imperil our democracy and undermine humanity’s efforts to stem global deterioration. The stakes are monumental and are worsening with each day, as evidenced by personal and political alienation, global warming, economic inequality and corruption on corporate and governmental levels. What is becoming painfully obvious is a missing conversation that we have to address. 

Best Of 2022: Psycho-Politics - Episode 74

The Best of 2022: Psycho-Politics – Episode 74

Welcome to our “Best Of 2022” edition. Join us for this compilation that highlights some of our favorite moments and special guests centered around the idea of Psycho-Politics. Our world is at a tipping point where our sense of normalcy needs to catch up to the reality of our country and world. What’s being proposed is to care for our families and widen our scope to reach out beyond our loved ones. It is perfectly natural to want to care for our relatives and close friends, however, continuing to only support our small circles perpetuates poverty, war, terrorism, and global warming.

The Need for an 'Interconnected Psychology' - GBF Blog

The Need for an “Interconnected Psychology” In Our World Today – Part 1

Throughout history, the center of focus for humanity has been dominantly rooted in individual success, family protection, and the desire for adventure, fun, and pleasure. This has led to a recurring belief in many that this is normal and healthy and that our success will trickle down to those without opportunities. We need to recognize that we live in an interdependent world that has finally reached its limits of individualism and dominant focus on family.

We All Have a Role to Play - Episode 68

Reviewing 24: We All Have a Role to Play – Episode 68

Robert will continue to look at the TV series 24 for its unique elements which highlight the struggle between being loyal to family and loyal and dedicated to supporting the world. In addition to that struggle, the show exemplifies the heroism of being a humanitarian and having your heart open to what is best for humanity. Beyond the glitz and the excitement of 24, we are looking to see what the deeper meanings are through the lens of psycho-politics, the 3 principles of which will be covered in the podcast.

Reviewing 24 & Its Potential Implications for the World - Episode 67

Reviewing 24 & Its Potential Implications for the World – Episode 67

Today’s show has a very unique focus on the TV program 24. Robert points out from the start that it is a potential danger for the public to idealize Jack Bauer and 24 for torturing terrorists. In contrast to this insight, Robert emphasizes there is a movie called The Report, which is a true story where America acknowledges that America tortured prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and that America gained zero benefits from using torture as a strategy.

Susan Hough: Living Your Gifts - Episode 65

Susan Hough: Living Your Gifts – Episode 65

Meet Susan Hough the woman and her work. Susan leads by example through vulnerable and courageous transparency by modeling the importance of honest communication, and awareness of self and others. You will see that she has an infectious generosity of spirit and is a very hard person not to like. She is the Executive Director of the nonprofit Wisdom Spring, a teen leadership humanitarian development program currently serving 7 high schools. Their fundraising efforts have thus far resulted in the construction of 45 water wells in Africa and India to serve marginalized communities.

Daniel-Matalon_The-World-Game - Episode 64

Daniel Matalon: The World Game & The Part We Play – Episode 64

Look forward to an inspirational conversation with the spirit of Buckminster Fuller and the practical programs and ideas of Robert and his guest Daniel Matalon. Daniel is the founder of Is There Enough, a provocative new conversation about the intersection of survival economics and social justice. Psycho-Politics, and what Buckminster Fuller called the world game, relate to very complex existential issues that Robert and Daniel make accessible.

Cristian Cardoner: Minimizing the Sense of Us & Them - Episode 56

Cristián Cardoner: Minimizing the Sense of Us & Them – Episode 56

This week, Robert is joined by a special guest Cristián Cardoner. It is both heartfelt and moving to hear the journey of Cristian move through the dark night of his soul as he was profoundly touched when spontaneously faced with holding a baby as it died from hunger in his arms. We are in 2022 with more technology and access to information than ever before, yet this episode focuses on alternatives to the fact that there are still more than 500 million people who go to bed every single day with hunger.

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