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Why religious leaders need to share their personal challenges - Episode 29

Why Religious Leaders Need To Share Their Personal Challenges (STR) – Episode 29

A problem shared is a problem halved. Isn’t that why most of us choose to share our troubles and difficulties with our loved ones? We value their advice, their insight, and their support. In this episode of The Missing Conversation, Robert and Dave share how religious and spiritual leaders can extrapolate this idea by sharing…
Importance of Humanitarian Principles in Religion & Spirituality - TMC Episode 28

Importance of Humanitarian Principles in Religion & Spirituality (STR) – Episode 28

What’s common between religious folks, spiritual people, and those that do not formally identify as anything but try their best to better life in our world? Robert and Dave explore the united goal among the three — caring for our planet and for humanity. Core universal values like compassion, kindness, and authenticity are embodied in original religious and spiritual teachings. These values are how religious teachers like Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, Moses lived their lives.

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