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Psycho-PoliticsIt’s really vital that we each look at the state of the world today because it’s quite evident that global warming is a real risk, along with terrorism, cyber-attacks, and too many other dangers to mention. The essence of Psycho-Politics informs us that it’s natural to care for our family and friends—but it’s not natural during this time of global warming and the unprecedented gap between the wealthy and the poor, and the fact that we aren’t contributing more to those who struggle to survive and are struggling for the survival of the planet. This unprecedented time requires us to think for ourselves in an entirely new way. ​


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Bonus Episode.

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On this podcast, we will propose critical new strategies to address world issues, including homelessness, immigration, amongst several others, and making a connection to how our individual psychology contributes and can help transform the dangers that we face. We will break from traditional thinking, as we look at our challenges from a freer and more independent point of view. Your host Robert Strock has had 45 years of experience as a psychotherapist, author, and humanitarian, and has developed a unique approach to communication, contemplation and inquiry born from working on his own challenges.

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Welcome again to The Missing Conversation. Really hope you’ve been enjoying our new podcast. As you’ve noticed, we’ve been focusing on homelessness and how we can address the field of homelessness and bring it to a realistic possibility of scaling throughout the state and hopefully the country by combination of changing the laws regarding tiny homes and zoning, as well as adding a variety of comprehensive elements to the programming. In addition, we’ve been talking about regenerative agriculture, how important that is to the planet and how that could tie in with homelessness itself. We have some very interesting and inspiring episodes ahead that I hope you’ll tune into. And that is why we’re offering this bonus episode to give you a glimpse of what I have coined psycho-politics. And what psycho-politics is, is a revealing of how each of us in the way that we live in our lifestyle are unwittingly apart of the politics that exist in the world today, it’s all too easy to disidentify with a politics and believe it’s our politicians problems, but in these episodes that are going to be coming, it will be clear to you how each of us, whether we’re struggling for survival or whether we have some wealth, how we can support the political system by how we deal with our life, our energy, our money, and our views.

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It’s really vital that we each look at the state of the world today because it’s quite evident that global warming is a real risk, as well as terrorism and cyber-attacks and too many other dangerous to mention the essence of psycho-politics is that it’s natural, that we care for our family and our friends, but it’s not natural at a time of global warming that we aren’t contributing to people that can’t survive the poorest of the poor. And it’s also not natural at this time that we aren’t contributing to our planet because it’s clearly mortally wounded. So, we will be going into how that plays out in each of our lives. If you’d like to catch a glimpse and start learning more about psycho-politics, I’m also offering a free booklet on it. So, you can head over to to get your free copy today.

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This booklet will give you a real feel of what’s coming down the road of The Missing Conversation. And again, includes all of us as being part of the democracy that we have and how we are unwittingly contributing to the challenges and how we can each do our part to reverse the long-standing trends that our world has had. I want to, again, thank you for your listening and as always, if this show is inspiring to you, please leave a rating and review in iTunes, it truly helps others find the podcast. And also please share it with your friends. I hope you truly enjoy this episode, which is one of 10 in a row that you’ll see down the line. Thanks so much for your attention.

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