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Bringing Heart and Wisdom To Our Country's Division - GBF Blog

Bringing Heart and Wisdom To Our Country’s Division

No matter where we stand in our country’s political and civil alienation and split, we are all challenged together, and it is critical to recognize that we all have work to do to mend this. We can’t afford to withdraw, even though it is likely to be overwhelming for many of us. What if you’re clearly on the side of science, equal voting rights for all people, immigration reform, and opposing views on how to run defense, global safety, and different ideas of how to take care of everyone through economic strategy? 

How can restructuring police oversight build a community of trust - GBF BLog

How can restructuring police oversight build a community of trust?

America needs a quantum leap in law enforcement evaluation, given both the tremendous amount of dedicated police officers throughout the country and the numerous losses of life due to police brutality, negligence, and racism in a small segment of the ranks. A structural change that addresses the gaping wound that exists between the police within themselves, and the BIPOC communities is necessary and overdue. This is not an indictment on the police force throughout the country in general or for that matter in any one area in mass.

Practical Solutions to Ensure Gun Rights and Gun Safety for Americans - GBF Blog

Practical Solutions to Ensure Gun Rights and Gun Safety for Americans

It is all too easy to polarize against the left-wing of the democratic party. It’s easy to say they want to take away our constitutional Second Amendment rights — the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. But, in reality, most of those in the democratic party want safety for the nation — the general population and especially our children. This is one of the two black and white views that amplify separation and alienation. The other extreme view is crucifying the gun owners that want guns, AR-15 rifles cartridges, and belts. It is vital to realize that most people buying these weapons are genuinely doing it for their own security and feelings of safety. 

Combining Regenerative Agriculture and Homelessness — Comprehensive Solutions to Bring the Bottom Up - Blog

Combining Regenerative Agriculture and Homelessness — Comprehensive Solutions to Bring the Bottom Up

The real Californian and national vision is to generate opportunities throughout the United States for grants and private funding for homelessness and low-income housing and combine these work opportunities with Regenerative Agriculture (RA) and other clean energy sources for the homeless. It is quite clear that the portion of the homeless population that isn’t dealing with the more severe issues of addiction or serious mental illness and a larger percentage of those that are low income are ripe candidates for this kind of community and work opportunity.

The Cost of Allowing Poverty to Exist

The Cost of Allowing Poverty to Exist

According to numerous studies, the average homeless person costs the government and the taxpayers $3000 a month. The biggest tragedy about the cost of allowing poverty to exist is that in the majority of situations it can easily be solved. Whether it’s job training or giving people opportunities to work in so many areas that can set them up for success — we have not focused on eliminating poverty as our true priority. This could be in training for clean energy, regenerative agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, and so much more.

Ken Druck - Bonus Episode 3

Human As Hell. Learning Grief Literacy with Dr. Ken Druck. (A Video Excerpt)

So if people say, “How are you doing?” I say, “Look, the biggest accomplishment for me has been to get over the shame of my brokenness.” I tell people, “I walk with a limp in my heart.” When I think about what you have been through, the ordeal of asking your body to find a way to go on and to cope and to function and asking your mind to do that when you are dealing with medications and you’ve had a transplant and you’ve had . . . Not many people understand what that ordeal is, but having gone through it, you walk with a limp in your heart as well and your brokenness and your challenge has become a part of you.

President Zelensky US Congress Address

How we can best protect the world against acts of genocide

So, we are currently facing a clear and present danger that genocide is not only happening, but also a future danger that we’re going to be encouraging it to continue to happen. So, we can’t be so lost in the present that we don’t recognize that our future is as important as our present. But we’re starting with the assumption that President Putin is not going to cooperate and that at the very best, he’s going to be willing to make a compromise to the Donetsk region and the Donbas region.

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